Choose The Best Wood Lathes in The Market

If you know anything about the wood lathe market or if you even survey it briefly, you would realize that there are so many lathes that it becomes hard to choose one which is why there are wood lathe reviews that help people choose the right kind of wood lathe according to their woodwork and expertise. We have found out some of the best wood lathes in the market and we will be talking about each of them briefly so you can get the sense whether you like them or not and if you do, you can investigate about them further on.

NOVA 46300 Comet II

We are sure that you are going to love this wood lathe because the price is just right and it has all the features that you might require from a wood lathe and if you compare it to other overly priced lathes, you would notice that it has all their features and as a bonus, it is better priced. The rating speed of this particular lathe is impressive i.e. starts from 250 and goes up to 4000 RPM and this would allow you to have control over the errors you make and number of projects you produce. You will find it equipped with a 3 step pulley system dial and 3/4 HP motor which directly allow you to control speed.

Grizzly G0624

This is a bench top wood lathe which is why it has a heavy duty cast iron finish which will allow you to turn plates and bowls without a problem. The 10 in spindle of the machine would let you work faster which will be beneficial if you wish to do many designs. It has an optional bed and a 1/2 HP motor for fast work.