Common Misconceptions About Mackeeper

For those who do not know, Mackeeper is a software that is used to optimize, as well as clean the Mac OS. This is a factor that a many are not aware of, but Mac OS, just like Windows, and other operating systems in the market, is prone to getting cluttered it all sorts of junk that can severely effect the performance of the software.

In a situation like that, cleaning your computer is the right thing. Now you can go ahead and install the OS from scratch, but that comes at the cost of your data might going away. However, you can use Mackeeper and keep things with you, all the while, getting rid of all the junk that had been creating issues.

Now the thing here is that many people ask me this question “is mackeeper a virus”. As a matter of fact, if search the same query on the internet, you will see a lot of issues. Below are some misconceptions that you must know.

Difficult to Install And Remove

True, there are some properties of the software that are on an aggressive level, but if you do have the information on them, then the good news is that the software can be remove just like any other piece of software on Mac.

Nothing More Than a Virus

Is Mackeeper a virus? The short answer is no. However, the reason why people are under this misconception is because the Mackeeper can be a bit difficult to remove or uninstall due to the aggressive level of methodology that goes behind this software. This, however, does not mean that the software is a virus.

This should be easier to understand knowing the policies Apple has on the software developers and publishers. They would never allow this.