Depression is Real!

We have designed our lives in a way which invites stress, unwanted challenges and the never ending chase of wants and collectibles, this leads us to the feeling of being a failure and staying depressed and having the feeling of just quitting, those who have never faced such things never accept that there is something called depression and somehow find it right to ridicule those who face depression, but depression is real, the feeling of hollowness, not wanting to get out of bed and not facing the world might not just be laziness, but it may be depression which can take severe turn any moment.

Depression just doesn’t happen overnight, unless you have gone through a traumatic event in your life, even your job can depress you and that is very common, you know what’s worse about depression, the reluctance or the fear of accepting that it is there and being unwilling to talk about it, people bury things deep inside them and never let it out and that just eats them up, having read a number of articles about depression which had interviews by some mental health experts and psychiatrists, the worst thing according to them is when someone who is going through this feeling is unable to figure out the cause of it, but no matter how depressed you are or whatever the challenge is, you can always turn it around by changing your lifestyle and if you think it is severe then just talk to someone about it, honestly it helps much more than we can imagine, it just takes away the burden that we are carrying. It would be better if one visits a mental health expert right at the start, I gathered useful information regarding depression and how to deal with it at and you too can get further info here.