Exercising – The Key to Losing Fat

You are most like to gain weight from lack of exercise, and excessive eating. In most cases, weight gain is caused by excessive eating of junk food which are mostly fried in fatty oils in our local shops. It is then when a person can’t stop himself from eating all the junk food, which tastes delicious but is very harmful for our bodies. The so called healthy salads from our very beloved McDonalds has 4 times more calories than a homemade one. But do not worry as a good exercise plan can always help you with your weight loss.


A lot of people run at even just the thought of exercising. Exercising is probably the most efficient way to lose weight. Even Beyoncé does it! Start from little and gradually add weights to your daily routine. Cardio is essential. Make it your daily routine to go running outside before breakfast, the fresh air and empty stomach will not only make you lose weight but also make your mornings fresh and healthy.

The Plan

Here is a perfect easy four week exercise plan among all others at

For people who want to lose weight in no time.

  • Week 1: (Full-body split) In first week you repeat all the exercises three times. But do not worry as this set includes all the basic exercises.
  • Week 2: (Two-day split): You train for only four days in this week, two focusing on your upper body, and the other two for the lower.
  • Week 3: (Three-day split): In three day split your focus is on your chest, shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Each exercise requires a set of three reps.
  • Week 4: (Four-day split): In this week you pay less attention to your lower body, as it is all about strength. You increase the intensity of all your exercises instead of learning any new.