Features to Look For While Purchasing a Camping Tent

Ever since camping made a comeback as a fun activity that people want to pursue, the sales of tents shot through the roof. Of course with increasing demand for tents, the variety also increased and nowadays if you step into a camping store you will find so many variants of camping tents, deciding on one will be a difficult decision to make. If you are faced with such a problem, we’d recommend doing research and finding articles and guides that will help you in picking out the best camping tents.

If you have found guides to be very vague, it is best to take a few factors into consideration and look for a few features in the tent that you would want. Keep your previous camping experiences in mind and the things that bothered you, and then buy a tent that would ensure that those problems do not occur again. Following are some of the features to look for while purchasing the best camping tents.

Material of The Poles

Tents are set up on the poles and if you are someone who goes on camping trips frequently, you’d want to buy something that is made out of sturdy material. So while looking for poles, it is best that you get something made out of metal.

Double Stitching

If your tent is made out of water repellant material, you should know that it is not enough. You also need to make sure that the stitching is done in such a way that the water does not trick inside your tent. The best way of ensuring this is by getting a tent with double stitching in it and if you push the stitching aside you shouldn’t be able to see anything through.