Healing The Past, Guiding The Future

If you’re feeling down all of a sudden, there’s probably something going on in your life that’s bugging you and once you figure out what that is and deal with it, you can start to feel good again. However, if you’ve been feeling heavy hearted for a long time, then whatever’s getting you down is in your past experiences. You may feel like it’s because of things going around you in your present but that’s just you seeing things in a negative sense because of how your past has conditioned you to feel that way.

We may forget the things we experience in our past lives but they’re still deeply ingrained into the pathways of our brains and they’re very much active in influencing the way we feel about things in our lives. Through psychotherapy, we’re able to break the negative influence of things from the past and have our mind take influence from the activities of the therapy sessions instead.

Chicago therapists at InTouch & Motion know how to get to your mind through your body; they use various therapeutic techniques such as guided imagery, that influences you to feel in a certain way, through sounds that instil a sense of calm in your tiresome mind and through organic motions that relieve the stress from your body and therefore ease the burden on your mind as well. When combines with medication, psychotherapy can even help with serious mental conditions such as bipolar disorder and even schizophrenia. Therapy can last up to a year, depending on how good a therapist is and the condition of the patient but after successful psychotherapy, almost all patients report positive results and become much more effective in their everyday lives.