Here’s How You Get Better at Basketball

For any new player, the game of basketball can seem to be very confusing with all that dribbling, passing and shooting going on so fast. The game is pretty fast and it can be pretty confusing for anyone who doesn’t know what’s going on but that’s why they have basketball training drills that beginners can practice in order to get familiar with how the game is played and how each skill can be practiced and eventually used in a real game.

A game of basketball is balanced between offensive and defensive techniques and in order to win the game, each player on the court needs to be a good judge of when to go on an offense and when to play defensively. Here are the best basketball conditioning drills that beginners should practice to really get into the game.

Ball Handling

There might be some really advanced and fancy handling skills that a lot of advanced players know but in essence, learning how to dribble the ball is the single most important skill in the game without which no one can really call themselves a player. There are many drills that will help you get better at dribbling the ball such as dribbling the ball in an figure of 8 through your legs and circling it around each leg.


In a real match, by the time you need to pass the ball to another player, you’ll already have many opponent hands trying to snatch the ball away from you. In order to get good at passing the ball around at different heights for which there are different drills that you can practice. This isn’t a sport that you can play without teamwork so best start getting good at passing now.