New to Smoking? Try Glass Pipes

Anyone who smokes can easily recall their first experience with marijuana and it usually involves being at a social event and sharing a blunt or a bong with a bunch of people, and then spending the next few hours just sitting in one spot or pigging out on a lot of food. If you have recently had your first experience with smoking, you probably want to continue doing it. However, it is important that you are doing it safely, correctly, and most importantly, moderately.

A lot of people usually just start out with rolling blunts or just start directly with bongs, now the problem with these two methods of smoking is that they involve a lot of smoke inhalation, which is not good for your health. Especially when you are smoking blunts since they are a lot harsher for the throat. The next problem with these two methods of smoking is that they get you high really fast, and a lot of rookies make the mistake of jumping directly onto these two and then they quickly get used to them and then require heavier doses as time goes on.

If you want to smoke moderately and want to be able to enjoy it as well, your best option is to opt for glass pipes. While glass pipes are a bit expensive, you can still find wholesale glass pipes at a lesser price. Now glass pipes do not produce a lot of smoke, so they are in a way better for you. There is also the fact that you can only smoke a certain amount with glass pipes, so it not going to get you really out of it, and at the same time, you are also able to enjoy the high, and lastly, they also happen to be pretty easy to use.