The One Ingredient That Improves Brain Function

Has your immunity been on the lower end of the health scale lately? Is your libido lacking? Does your skin look dull? If you answered yes to all or most of these questions, then we have the remedy. Or at least Amanda Chantal Bacon does. The founder of the hip Los Angeles–based juice and wellness bar Moon Juice is renowned for her tinctures, powders, and drinks that harness the powerful healing properties of adaptogenic herbs, raw foods, and alkalizing ingredients. These potent formulations boast a multitude of health benefits from improving brain function to increasing sex drive.

This isn’t just another health and wellness trend either. Bacon’s formulas draw on ancient herbs and roots known throughout time for their potent medicinal value, all of which she has experienced firsthand. “Food can be powerful medicine, and no one has experienced its effects more dramatically than I have,” she told MyDomaine. “Before I began to cook and eat in a way that allowed me to thrive cosmically, my thyroid was slow, allergies were rampant, and I had the general feeling that I wasn’t optimizing this life and the body I was traveling in. There’s nothing I love more than talking to people about the ways that they can use food as medicine.”

But if you can’t get into her store, then Bacon shows you how to make them yourself at home with her new wellness tome, The Moon Juice Cookbook review. Ahead, Bacon explains how to incorporate them into our daily lives, the one ingredient that improves brain health, and how to relieve stress naturally. Be sure to scroll to the end for her exclusive Deep Chocolate Moon Milk recipe.