The Responsibilities of a Pedestrian

Pedestrian related accidents are the worst type of accidents, and a lot of people end up suffering grave and paralyzing injuries because of them, and then a chunk of people die annually because pedestrian related collisions. Sometimes the person behind the wheel is at fault because they might be driving under the influence or they simply got distracted or broke a signal, and other times, pedestrians end up violating traffic laws, putting themselves and those who are driving in danger.

There are a few basic pedestrian laws that tend to have some differences from state to state, however, there are still some basic laws that are applicable everywhere, and if you want to learn about your responsibilities and your rights as a pedestrian, you can keep on reading below. If you feel that there was an incident where you were not at fault, then you will need to hire a lawyer that specialized in pedestrian law, and you can find them at Costa Ivone, LLC.

  • Each pedestrian is required to walk along the sidewalk, and if you happen to be in the area where there is no sidewalk, then you have to walk along the extreme corner of the road.
  • You have to follow traffic regulations, and you have to only cross the road once the pedestrian crossing light turns on.
  • You cannot jaywalk, so you can only walk across the road along the designated crosswalk.
  • Drivers are responsible in ensuring that they are careful to avoid any collisions and alert anyone that might suddenly be crossing the road, and take extra precaution when children, elderly people or someone who may appear to be intoxicated is on the road.
  • You cannot stand at the travelled portion of a roadway for soliciting employment, business or a ride.