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Why Lectins Are Worse Than Carbs

Let’s admit the fact that the concept of weight loss has been so demonized and scandalized that there has been a lot of controversy surrounded it. At some point, you would hear carbs are not good, and at the other hand, someone will start blaming. What I am trying to say here is that it has become really difficult for a person to trust something, or what someone says without doing a proper research.

However, it is important to know that according to one cardiologist who is now working as a restorative medic as well as an author, the one thing that people need to cut down upon is lectins, especially those who are trying to lose weight.

Lectins are being jokingly called the next gluten, and for those who do not know, these are plant based proteins that are sticky in nature, and their purpose is to bind the sugar molecules. According to the research, this action is the main reason behind weight gain, heart burn, as well as heart disease.

Dr. Steven R Gundry has gone on the record and stated why going on a lectin—free diet is much better than anything else when it comes to losing weight. This point was raised in his book called The Plant Paradox.

So, what is the source of lectin? That is one of the questions that a lot of people have asked over time.

The good thing is that lectins can be found in a myriad of food items, but according to Dr. Gundry, lectin can be found in foods like health foods that are gluten free breads, as well as conventional dairy products, and even some nuts, beans, vegetables, and fruits.

Despite having a lot of health benefits, foods such as peanuts, peas, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, as well as potatoes are all rich in lectins. Now in case you are wondering lectins are so bad for us, the reason is simple; lectins have a nature that makes them bind to the receptors that are present on the surface of each cell that is lined in the gut. This ends up breaking down the tight junctions that usually are responsible for making a barrier between the intestinal contents like bacteria, the barrier is usually not penetrable.

Now this ends up allowing the lectins to move through the aforementioned barrier, and when they do enter, our immune system flags them as foreign, and then starts the inflammation process.

In conclusion, I would only say that while lectins are not the end of the world, it is still important to understand that for anyone who is conscious about their diet, as well as their weight, it is better to make sure that they cut down on lectins instead of cutting down on the carbs, because carbs are way unhealthier than lectins, and you must avoid them — sure, you can take pleasure in eating such food every now and then, but make sure it does not turn into a habit.